Which of the 5 energy types are you?

Picture this. A system presenting you with a very basic technique that when applied, allows you to experience life with little to no struggle or difficulty. "Yeah right” some may say, as they carry on with their tiring to do list unaware that such a system not only exists, but is entirely accessible...for free.

Elsewhere in life we make a point of knowing about our varying 'types'.

  • Blood type = so that our unique body is correctly cared for in emergencies.

  • Body type = so that we choose the right clothing to wear.

  • Personality type = so that we understand how to educate ourselves in the best way.

All the way down to what type of person we find desirable, attractive or simply comfortable to be around. So what about energy type?

The word energy has been subject to stereotyping, labeled as a 'hippie' term and often forgotten because its properties aren't always so...visible. Ever said “I just don't have the energy”?

If so, it is likely that you are aware of how it feels to be depleted of vitality, only to then give yourself adequate rest and feel restored. What saps or re-establishes our zest differs from person to person and when you identify with exactly how your power has been put together you can begin to use it correctly, navigating the world with ease and success.

Absolutely everything in the Universe is made up of "energy". Physics has awakened us to the understanding that particles and atoms vibrate and create frequencies which result in a spark of life force that we can very definitely feel. It's a little bit like standing next to a heater and feeling its warmth without seeing the visible activity occurring in the space between.

Our bodies are a unique combination of atoms and DNA, resulting in the expression of a very personal presentation of 'doing things'. The varying characteristics, interests and sometimes hard to believe differences between family members prove that DNA is only half of the deal here, and so a philosophy that looks into how you were built and how to best respond to the world around you despite external pressures is a true gift.

This logical system unifies the ideas of astrology, the chakra system, the I Ching, the Kabbalah and quantum physics to take a look at the way our DNA and atoms came together at birth, and what that means for us as an individual. Providing you with a strategy for managing your personal configuration, you can then begin to experience a life less of struggle, pain and resistance. Called the mechanics of energy, understanding your own make-up doesn't require weekly visits to a church, just as much as eating food or getting sleep doesn't either. It is not a religion nor a cult. It simply requires an open mind. Each energy type has a way of expression, a feeling that indicates misalignment and a strategy in order to re-align.

The five basic energy types of the system are:

  • The Manifestor – The initiator.

This energy type radiates outwards and these types are usually seen out in the world making things happen. They are here to initiate and action experiences without needing to be told what to do in order to get going – they can just do it! Because of this they can sometimes rub other people the wrong way. Don't take the impulsive activity of a Manifestor personally, they are here to catalyze stuff so the rest of us can leverage that momentum and keep moving forward.

Misalignment feeling: Anger

When a Manifestor feels anger it is for the purpose of subtly letting them know they have veered off track.

Strategy: To inform

When a Manifestor informs others of what they are about to do, they experience synchronicity and avoid resistance.

Key words: Intimidating. Provoking. Lone wolf.

My type: Manifesting Generator
  • The Manifesting Generator – The multi-tasker

The busiest energy type of them all, a Manifesting generator can often be seen multitasking. It is important for them to do more than one thing at a time in order to release the pent up power of their busy-ness and avoid physical breakdown and illnesses. This type is efficient, they skip steps that aren't as important in a process and can often find the quickest way to master something. They move between things quickly and can be difficult to keep up with, so don't try, just observe. Their quick responses and abilities mean they can find the shortcuts for the rest of us.

Misalignment feeling: Anger & Frustration.

These feelings indicate the Manifesting Generator either needs to go back and recover a skipped step or re-align themselves through changing the task at hand.

Strategy: To respond, visualize and inform

A slightly lengthy process, the manifesting generator should always be responding to experiences that turn up in their life instead of initiating with the mind. When making a decision, they must visualize the action and try it on for size in their imagination, this way they get a better feel for whether it is what they want to go ahead with. Then they must inform those they closely share their life with of their decision so others can step aside and let the MG do their thing.

Key words: Efficient. Responsive. Persistent.

  • The Generator – The Powerhouse

With tremendous energy to do things at their disposal, the Generator experiences pleasure when engaged fully in something that feels good. They have so much sustainable energy when involved deeply into something correct for their soul, they can be quite the powerhouse to observe. This type must have a lot of trust and faith.

Misalignment feeling: Frustration

With their experience comes plateaus that require patience, so sometimes there is the feeling of frustration indicating the need to wait and hold steady until the next step reveals itself.

Strategy: To respond

Responding to everything in their external environment and practicing patience will provide the Generator with an enjoyable life experience.

Keywords: Sustainable. Steady. Experiential.

My amazing significant other is an awesome Projector. Lucky guy isn't here to do chores!
  • The Projector – The Guide

A non-energy type, Projectors can appear lazy to the rest of the world because they move a lot slower than the above types. This pace is correct for them, they are not here to work traditionally and they aren't even really supposed to do chores! With a powerful magnetic presence they are here to ask questions and use their curiosity to extract detail and impart wisdom, which brings clarity to others along the way. This energy type requires a lot of sleep to remain healthy, 9 hours being just about right.

Misalignment feeling: Bitterness.

At not being involved, heard or appreciated. Bitterness indicates that the projector has entered a situation either prematurely or without invitation.

Strategy: Wait for the invitation

Here to be heard and recognized for their gifts, projectors must wait for others to call upon them for their wisdom. Offering unsolicited advice will only lead to the Projector feeling unheard and unappreciated.

Keywords: Guidance. Wisdom. Insight.

  • The Reflector – The Mirror

Highly sensitive, this (also non energy) type needs many positive and healthy friends in their life because of how susceptible they are to conditioning. They mirror the energy that they are around and their momentum is ever changing. This type must always talk through their decisions with said friends because of how frequently their perspective adjusts. Talking through allows them to consistently monitor where they are at, energetically.

Misalignment feeling: Disappointment.

Always working towards the greater good, the Reflector will experience disappointment when in the wrong environment and around the wrong people

Strategy: Wait through a 28 day lunar cycle

Inarguably the most intense strategy of all, a reflector requires the most patience due to their constant changeability. They must really get comfortable with waiting a month before actioning those big huge life changing decisions.

Keywords: Reflective. Healing. Mirror.

From a young age I had a feeling that my thoughts and values weren't very conventional. As I grew up I found it painful and difficult to follow the format the rest of my family did and came to realize that I don't buy into the traditional ideas of success. In fact, whenever I chased it to try and be more like them (various engagements, attempted to 'settle down', made money the main focus of my life) I always felt like something was missing and it all went very wrong. A disparaging comment from my sister-in-law once; "You are bored of doing that now and want to do something else?" when I expressed moving onto the next interest highlighted a discontent with my ever changing ideas, a judgement that was prominent in my family group. When I found out I was a Manifesting Generator a few years ago it brought me so much comfort to know that my momentum of multi-tasking many things at once that others rolled their eyes at was not only a natural expression of my enormous energy, but imperative to maintaining my health. Focusing on just one thing at a time was uncomfortable and if attempted, would likely result in sickness and physical deterioration (confirmed! But that's a story for another day).

It dawned upon me that certain others don't, and never will see me clearly, that they project their life strategies and desires onto me and speak out when I don't align with their drives. I realized it's ok not to be seen by others, as long as I see myself. The heavy weight of conditioning that said 'you should have' or 'you shouldn't have' regarding my life choices was not mine to carry.

Earlier this year my sister told me “You have flirted from personality to personality. Not materialistic now, but you were before? It’s just odd.” Where did this disdain come from? Was it because I changed my mind a lot? Became less materialistic? Whatever the reason, it was judgement for me simply being me and the confusing dynamics of my youth came rushing back.

Since finding out the depths of my mechanics and that my type lives its first 30 year making mistakes, doing many things all at once, chopping and changing focus and experiencing trial and error full steam ahead, I realized that my life was right on track. This, followed by retreating from the world around 31 to make sense of it all brought me to a point of complete peace. I was doing life right, for me. Sure, I did make mistakes and I scorned myself for them, but when I found out that they were an important and necessary part of my specific process, my life changed and the mistakes made so much more sense.

It is often important not to be shamed for the things we get wrong because the lessons learnt combine to complete the process of discovering our true nature. Encouragement is needed, as is motivation to explore things without attachment to them going right or fearing them going wrong. The best bet is to supportively ask or be asked 'what did you learn from this experience?'. In lieu of that I heard “I don’t agree with some of your choices. I think you could have made better choices” from a parent completely unaware that my specific energy type was actually doing life correctly by getting it totally wrong and making those "bad" choices.

My long and deeply personal point is that it has been so healing to learn the details of my own energy type and to recognize myself, that it doesn't hurt anymore when other people don' matter who they are. To find your personal type and learn more, enter your birth information into any number of Human Design chart generators found online (use google). Enjoy the confirmation and remember, any mistakes along the way are lessons in enlightenment. And. Recess.


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