What's in it for you?

Knowledge. Of whats coming next. In your life.

Okay, that could sound pretty open to interpretation and somewhat ambiguous but there's no need to make it complex - it really is that simple. Written passages, of what is in store for you, through which days.

What you receive is as straightforward as notification, in the form of a boss looking monthly schedule, of a trip you may take on this date, a change of heart you may have on that date or the need to sign some paperwork on another date...amongst so many other specific situational developments.

Finding true, genuine happiness is one of the most transformational experiences in the world and when you commit to getting specific about life, things can sometimes seem difficult. With so many perspectives and approaches to living, there is the general feeling of needing to learn from the past, make correct decisions that can benefit the future yet remain firmly in the present because that's all we ever have, right?

How do you do ALL of those things without getting stuck in any particular time phase of your life, triggering some kind of anxious search for another realm that doesn't require so much...balance?

You outsource. Thats where comes in, with its tried, tested and reviewed methods of figuring out the developing themes and situations in your life.

Others can't learn your lessons for you and only you can live in your here and that leaves the future. If you had assistance and information that shines a light onto any uncertainties ahead, that could actually be quite liberating.

There is no denying that emphasized consciousness can bring a shift in your existence. Understanding that life is not limited to just 'doing' but is actually about limitless awareness begs the question...What can you imagine for yourself in the middle?

Free will is a thing. You certainly have a choice - this or that, door A or door B. These life options though. They can provoke pressure which is when doors and choices that are considered part of your destiny suddenly become challenging, even though they're set out with only your "best" interests intended (the best time to do something, the best lesson for you to learn, the best connection for that moment, the best growth in your process). Making determined choices can be hard when not being able to see which 'best' course is behind each door...this would be a great time for that limitless awareness to step in right?

What's more, the mind is confined to just action in experience, given that it doesn't 'feel' things the way our other senses do it only ever really knows around 33% of what is going on. It's short attention span can spin us round and round restricting our own opportunities because of a narrowed perception of what our choices really are, dizzy with the onslaught of decision.

Knowing that you can make room for any and every potential of reality assists with the shift in perspective that allows you to go from from always doing to always being. You live life happily and save energy that way ;)

Seeing those experiences in an organized delivery comes as a kind of confirmation of options. We all appreciate a green light because it's what allows us to either harness our wisdom and validate our momentum, or opt out of a situation because it's not the direction we want to go.

Every authentic individual makes an impact and the choices are all part of the cosmic merriment we are living within. You are wise. Liberate your wisdom and allow yourself to let go of any single stuck role that you think you're playing in your life, with glimpses of a few extra opportunities to learn within those infinite potentials. This is a different kind of self help, where you begin to realize that your starting point is already perfection, and the rest is all possibility. Relax into the power of having more time to make a choice and instead of wondering what to do, focus on the choice to just be.


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