The advantages of being unconventional. Lunar eclipse extras.

Let's get strange!! The growing phenomenon of monitoring celestial activity and analyzing its reflections in our terrestrial lives is probably kind of strange to some. I know I've certainly caught some funky glances from onlookers for these interests and to a few it can seem as far out there as the planets actual physical positioning themselves; many light years away.

There's just no denying that as we progress through life on this particular rock, we have all at some point asked ourselves “WTF is going on?”. Especially when things feel like they're shifting despite the status quo of our daily routines remaining intact.

Today indicates a point of moving toward increased alignment. Things are evolving and opening up for us to truly believe in our wildest dreams with a pre-teen optimism that is invincible to the opinions of the naysayers.

It's manifestation time. All hail the shift.

This particular one coming at us mid-way through 2019 and brewing something unusual as it gets ready to overflow into our lives. Imagine the unimaginable for yourself with tomorrow highlighting a powerful day in which the familiar elements of our existence experience some sort of innovation. Think along the lines of 'your life...but refreshed'.

  • Lets

  • Do

  • This

The valuable details are in the dynamic of this change. Figure out whether it's a time of actualizing your goal or a time of allowing the realization of a new one to emerge. Either way ask yourself what 'weird', new or out of the ordinary things have you been integrating into your routine these last two weeks? That's the theme right there.

Building confidence on the inside through forming positive habits and remaining flexible on the outside by really trusting that it's all gravy* is the key to leading yourself on this excursion. The results? A very real and physical step towards a desired destiny.

It helps to not leave absolutely everything behind because our upcoming phase is built on lessons of the last. Hinging on how things have gone for each of us over the past six months, we can either see flowers blossoming from the seeds we planted back in January, or the gentle wilting away of our former plans because there is something better available to us now. Stress or success, forward is forward and with a little focus on our personal part in this we can use our concentration to explore the depths of what it is we are manifesting.

Our original position which once was clear is now mired in an impressionability that says 'it's time for change'.Tuesday 16th July; the day itself, marks an event that stimulates a new cycle, the happenings of which take around six months to unfold. Anything that falls away in the process is just lightening the load for us to move with more agility.

It's ok to let go of being the ever philosophical wanderer where we may have been yearning and searching to find some kind of acceptance, drifting through life from one form of expression to the next, unable to find the exact format that we wish to live by.

Come tomorrow, we are going to know what is worth fighting for and we become able in maximizing its application in our present by directing our focus toward the subtle factors of making it a reality. Now is the time to live by your word. Every expression is more of an opportunity than a question for the purpose of receiving an explanation.

Surrender to the forces that are urging you to adapt, it's time to look at the inner meaning of what you're doing and what the recent changes in your life could lead to. What could they be for the benefit of? Plan your dreams like they're a definite and you will ensure that they develop to be so. Then sit with those plans through to December, adjusting and adding to them daily as you patiently wait for the perfect moment to bring whatever it is into form. The chance to do so will show itself as you progress through the rest of the year, so continue in accommodating and incorporating your new commitments to secure footing.

Most of all enjoy the growth. Enjoy spending time musing over things and delving into the unknown. The secret is to revel in your thoughts and let your inner insight reveal itself in its own unique timing. Let's not try and solve the mystery, but instead simply appreciate it.

*plant based gravy, zero beings were hurt in the writing of this article.


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