Which of the 7 summer lessons did you learn?

The need to find meaning in the things we experience is a simple part of being human. Asking, wondering and understanding “why” is the part of our existence continuum that gives us transformative power, without which we would be left doing the same thing all the time. Astrology is like a coded map of the upcoming changes and whether you are a believer or just a fun reader, it can be interesting to see how the movements in the Universe influence our individual lives.

Seasons are a very real display of transition and this summertime has been about highlighting problems in the areas of life where we may have become stuck in order to become, well...unstuck. These lessons seek to take us beyond ourselves with all kinds of fundamental regenerations, the meanings and values of which put the importance of our future actions into context.

The main question:

Where can we action change?

Simple. But significant.

Bringing together the following 7 streams of experience guides us towards a newer nature of existing more in alignment with our purpose.

Lesson 1: Recognize where we have gone astray

Something may have been brought to our attention that should no longer have a place in our lives. Unplugging from a pattern of behavior that without change would keep us at a point of stasis, involves experiencing some kind of stagnation first.

Where have you felt yourself unable to move forwards? What has just felt...wrong?

Identifying this years past errors is a huge starting point.

A behavior change that requires self-discipline is going to bring about a total re-organization with the purpose of giving each and every activity more meaning as we move forward. This lesson makes us consciously aware of the violations we have been making against ourselves.

Hint: Look to your life experiences around this time 9 years ago to see if there are any parallels. Something you did then may be showing itself again now.

The test: Self-evaluation

Lesson 2: Organizing your thoughts

Thoughts are frequencies which work in powerful ways and the management of our thinking is directly linked to our vitality. Being challenged to forget the feeling of damage and pain allows us to save ourself from ourselves. Avoid identifying with feelings of inadequacy.

What have been your self defeating perceptions?

The courage to stay true to our own personal rhythms relies on ignoring how others have tried to shape us. Forget what you've been told and remember only what your inner voice knows is right for you.

The test: Self-worth

Lesson 3: Re-align with positive decisions

Possibility is transformed into reality when you live a life of correct action. With words that match your movements, potential becomes reality and any application of energy achieves maximum capacity. Have you been doing as you say and saying as you do?

We can begin to experience abundance from the conscious self management of our own energy focused on responsibility rather than ego, subsequently stabilizing us with the manifestation of security and success.

The test: Re-adjust

Lesson 4: Nurse the body and mind

The only place where we can truly take control of potential conflict is within our physicality. Lessons around how we think and how that effects our body may have presented over the summer in order to encourage awareness around health, diet and movement - all with the goal of optimal physical performance. Have you neglected your body and mind? What have you let slip?

The responsibility of self care is the most foundational part of this growth spurt we are going through.

The test: Restore

Lesson5: Optimize opportunities, don't chase chances

We mature through experience, and our own history becomes a point of reflection through which we learn from our past in anticipation of our future. We should never linger on what is behind us, though it is a great indicator of where we are heavily experienced hinting at an opportunity for us to master something despite what may have occurred way back when. What could you do better this time round now that wisdom has had the chance to transpire?

Respect your own experiences as the versions of you before brought you to the version you are now.

The test: Refinement

Lesson 6: Follow your dream

If you've had dreams bigger and wider than society thinks is possible, then you've been doing this summer right. Waiting is an active state of progress when inactivity is overcome through use of imagination. Daring to dream big and believe in the self with huge aspirations of what could be for you is more than just mental entertainment, it's goal setting. What can you imagine for yourself?

The test: Vision

Lesson 7: Faith

Maintaining composure throughout the unscheduled life events that are a form of divine direction is the key to experiencing the gifts of summer. Everyone we align with serves a purpose, whether through provocation or collaboration and being able to move between the two with trust of the bigger picture brings serendipity, being in the right place at the right time. Who have you connected with that supports you,and who do you need to release in order to fly?

Transcending associative culture and trusting the diversity of life brings fulfillment, always.

The test: Flexibility

As we transition seasons, these last 6 weeks of summer move us from framework to form. Willingly working without external applause and attending the practical demands and necessities that the last few months brought to our awareness will help us bridge the gap between chaos and order. The developing physical model of the new self follows its own compass, resulting in each of us being presented with an opportunity that could change our entire life before the end of the year.

An internal revolution brings about an actioned change which makes us the creators of our own luck as we Labor Under Correct Knowledge and upgrade our habits.

We never truly stop going to school, our classroom just expands as experience educates the rest of our lives.

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(Article based on the direct motion of Jupiter at 09:37am and the retrograde of Uranus today at 10:27pm Eastern Daylight time)


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