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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A popular notion in modern spirituality is to use positive thoughts as means of manifestation.

“Think it and you will be” they say, “Visualize it and you will have” they promise.

Imagine finding out that doesn't work like that. What a relief! Relentless positivity is hard work.

We are here to make an ally of the mind. Contrary to present day pop-spirituality teachings, the power of mental awareness isn’t from being in 100% control of our thoughts but actually from our ability to observe how our thinking moves unique to our individual experience. Strength is achieved by becoming a witness to your perspectives, determining how they make you feel in your body and then responding accordingly. Think of the Mind as your own personal mini computer; absorbing, processing, reviewing and conceptualizing what it has taken in for the benefit of maybe (or maybe not) putting the findings to use at some point. overheats.

Our one-of-a-kind “hub” of thought displays true mental intelligence in how it interprets the data that it receives through sight and sound - not what the data is that it interprets. Lets face it, there is no protective barrier that can constantly prevent the undesirable from ever happening in our life. So perspective is the process of importance. We are all wired to format things a different way.

The input of what it is to live, the information we receive as soon as we awake into the world each day creates these cognitive gyrations that form a feeling in each of our bodies. We ponder what we absorb in a way that is exclusive to us.

  • Visual input, the things we "see" are spiritually related to the past as well as the potential; what has been and what might be, with the key phrase “I could see this happening”.

  • The acoustic input, what we "hear" is spiritually related to inspiration and the pressure to know, with the key phrase “that sounds good”.

Our unique mental functions work together with those around us creating universal empowerment, and it is through sharing our special perspectives at the right time that we broaden the intelligence spectrum of the collective.

Therefore the goal is to be individually tuned in to how the Mind works on a personal level, to you, whilst also learning to identify and resist the patterns of anxiety that may come because we are human and cannot possibly maintain a continuous stream of "oh my gosh, yes, woohoo".

Biologically, the Mind is linked to the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain and works to keep us alive by sending messages to parts of the body that organize Autonomic Nervous System activities, such as the heart rate and body temperature. You may be aware that anxiety attacks can result in various ANS responses such as syncope (fainting episodes), appetite changes, blood pressure variations and libido disruptions - all signs that something has gone awry up in the control panel.

It helps to know which way your Mind works to know how to look after it and when it may be engaged in the wrong things.

How many different ways could it possibly work?

Well, there are two modes of the Mind;

Defined or Undefined.

Neither one is more or less desirable than the other, both configurations result in lots and lots of thinking, just in two very different ways.

*Before proceeding it might be helpful to find your Mind definition by googling ‘Human design chart’ and filling out the form to see how the center presents in your personal energy chart. (It’s totally free to check!)*

Your Mind is defined if the downwards facing triangle on your energy chart is green.

If you are a cognitively defined person then your Mind center is permanently switched on and giving off frequencies. Always. You think heavily and in great detail about things that concern you or things going on in your realm of existence that require solution or clear understanding.

Key word: Analyzing

  • With your Mind constantly switched on you are wired for serial thinking and are likely to always be thinking about all the stuff. *Phew.*

  • Logic is kind of your thing.

  • You really like to be ‘certain’ when formatting your solutions. Being sure feels good, whereas uncertainty can cause anxiety.

  • You bring knowledge and intellectual abilities to the table when processing thoughts and approaching problems.

Your defined Mind is a master when it comes to methodical thinking, however it can experience discomfort if the end goal gets changed halfway through your contemplation process. This is because you have a dependable and firm way of approaching things, so it can be hard to step outside of your own set of rules when experiences get switched up. Learning new methods can be confusing, new approaches are supposed to feel uncomfortable because your mind has already assumed a game plan that it trusts and that is how you work - period. You don't need to open your mind or reach for other view points, if you need an alternative train of thought then link up with an undefined Mind and watch them amplify your brilliant findings and present you with even more data to consider, thus increasing your range of analysis.

Ever had anyone say something that you were just thinking?

If you answered yes, thats because your thought frequency conditions the mental field around you. You are putting things out there that people are picking up on so don’t be surprised when others speak on what you think. The defined mind is leaving its mark wherever it goes!

Fun game: Think about something super intensely for a while when you are in the company of others (especially undefined minds) and whomever verbalizes any of your introspective musings is probably on your wavelength in some way. Find your tribe!

There are safety requirements of using any machine, the Mind included.

The safety protocol here requires that you respond to how using your brain makes your body feel.

Red flags for the defined mind:

  • Worry (especially about something that hasn't even happened yet)

  • Anxiety accompanied with racing thoughts of doom and fear

  • Frustration, bitterness, anger

  • Nervous high energy that feels jittery and exhausting

These feelings are your personal check engine light switching on, which in a vehicle would mean pull over and shut off the engine asap. It's the same with the brain.

These feelings are indicators that it is time to change the subject matter you are currently reflecting on because whatever it is you are lending all that tremendous thinking energy to isn't for you, for now. This pause isn't going to be permanent, so don't beat yourself up about leaving something halfway through; yes, your mind likes to finish a full analysis cycle to completion but hey...sometimes something else needs you first. Detach from the experience and see it as your body knowing that your mind is needed elsewhere. Think of yourself as Superman responding to a call in the telephone box - gotta go, needed elsewhere right now.

You are here to enjoy high energy mental stimulation, so with the risk of experiencing information overload, simply applying your powerful thinking ability to just any old thing is no good. If it doesn't feel awesome-wicked-fun to solve then move on to something else even if for just 5 minutes. When you give your Mind the correct thing to chew over (indicated by high octane thinking with no physical nervousness), the magic that happens as a result is astounding.

Get comfortable with your strong, powerful mind. Pat yourself on the back because your logic system is super slick - it just works in a set way and that is cool.

The take away:

  • Always disengage with thoughts that are accompanied by anxiety, this is your indicator that the subject matter needs changing.

  • Don't be scared to change your concentration point, you can and will come back to it. You will never lose out by moving your train of thought to something that feels satisfying from something that feels overwhelming.

  • Try not to succumb to the pressure that you must figure out the thoughts in the order that they arrive or figure everything out on the spot, right away. Distance yourself from this burden by jotting down the things that need solving, knowing they'll get figured out when the time is right.

Note: Meditating is not always going to be for you. Interestingly, controlling your mind and attempting to make it thoughtless is damaging to your system because your super powers are your analyzing abilities.

Instead of traditionally meditating, experiment with the following observation task as a form of meditation.

Tools: Pen, paper, phone timer.

Instructions: Set a timer for 5-10 minutes. During this time write down anything that comes into your mind. Avoid trying to control it, just witness and jot down in bullet point form any words and ideas that present themselves.

This is a cerebral meditation called Emptying. It is allowing the brain to dominate for a short period of time in a controlled setting that is safe and decision-less. Pouring out your musings onto paper will allow the mental functions experience their moment to shine without letting the thoughts and decisions of the mind dominate. This task is extra beneficial when performed in the hour before bed time for Projectors and Reflectors and in the early afternoon for the other energy types. (See blog post which energy type are you for more info)

Your mind is undefined if the downwards facing triangle is white.

The open minded person has a mind clear of no internally forming chatter, your thoughts come from things that spur you into wonderment. You are absorbent of the thought frequencies going on around you, like being a megaphone for the thinking patterns of others, and because of this your ideas can be incredibly varied and sometimes totally unrelated to your own actual life. You take in everyone else's mental functions and amplify them. All the way up.

Key word: Diversity

  • Your undefined mind makes you an associative thinker, with an abstract approach to thought your mind can go just about anywhere.

  • You approach situations in a very open way, you can easily see all the different layers of a circumstance.

  • Cross referencing is kind of your thing.

  • You have no fixed way of interacting with thoughts meaning that when you get into thinking about something with your mind, your methods can be different each and every time even if the situation is the same.

You are open to a full range of intellectual stimulation and wisdom, and with the ability to sift through a flood of possibilities you can easily navigate your way through a ton of data, gathering only the pieces of information that matter. You're a very curious being and may find yourself wondering about things that are totally out there just for the fun of it - creative and abstract thoughts can have you chasing around ideas like a butterfly inside your brain. Enjoy your openness, enjoy your randomly changing perceptions and keep on free flowing with ideas; you are not here to be certain and to fix onto any type of definite, that's for the defined mind people. You consider things that others haven't considered, you fold in information from another stream of awareness and people can (and should!) thank you for your perspective when they realize you covered something out of left field they never would have thought of. It's good and healthy for you to change your mind whenever you like which might frustrate others, they can see you as indecisive and urge you to "stick to a decision already". (Just a heads up, if thats the case, they're not your people).

As your thoughts move and morph, conditioning from others may sometimes make you feel like you need to be solid and stick to something in order to be appreciated.

Nope. Wrong.

Your intelligence is in your layered approach to thinking and your genuine open mindedness. Your diverse understanding is what brings new options to the collective, so surround yourself with people who appreciate you for changing your mind because change innovates any experience.

If you find yourself finishing people's sentences it's because your open mind is picking up on their thought frequencies, you simply just know what they're about to say. This open center is telepathic, so yes, you can technically read minds! When you find someone who you seem to always know what they're about to say...that's a sign you've found someone you vibe with. Tip: However much you know what's coming next, try to let people finish what they're saying anyway. It creates a tempo that isn't rushed.

Because you pick up on the contemplations of others you can wind up also taking on their pressures and anxieties too. If you feel worry or distress, you've gotten carried away with someone else concerns, so grab yourself some space, detach and spend some time alone to dispel whatever has built up.

It's not you, it's them.

Sure, at times the changeability can be a pain in the butt because keeping up with your own wide thought spectrum can leave you forgetting to do the things you really needed to do. A great idea for the undefined Mind is to write a 'to do' list upon waking every morning, jotting down the things you need to get done can help you to keep track of where you're at with your responsibilities. Visually seeing what needs to be done written on paper can keep you on track.

The take away:

  • You don't need to be certain. It doesn't mean you can't be, by all means bring evidence, references and opinion if relevant and convey your determined place on something. But if you're feeling pushed to be certain then thats someone else's intensity messing with your mind.

  • You don't need to stick to one thing. Change whenever it feels right, change whenever something feels wrong - you find out some pretty awesome bits of new information when you slide between differing thoughts.

  • Write down things you want to remember to do!

The dynamics of the mind whether defined or undefined are so similar, the difference is that a defined mind creates and controls the experiences whilst an undefined mind rides them.

Now you know your Mind mechanics, it's time to honor the way yours works and enjoy the outcome of authentically witnessing it doing its thing. This is by far one of the most controversial centers of our human energetic system and as the place of being "awake" or "asleep", a generalization that has swept the masses, there is still much to be learnt. So forget trying to put yourself into a box of being "conscious" or "unconscious" and instead commit to recognizing your intellectual activities and how they operate, real time.

"Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a Mind. - Jeffrey Eugenides" For more information or a detailed reading on your specific mind configuration (including personality traits you have and why, how they will operate over certain dates and times due to transits and what the heck you're supposed to be doing with them) visit the store page and see which offers look or sound good.

*all readings require an accurate as possible birth time for precision.


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