Cosmic coding: 10th July 2019. Authenticity in every action.

Today is extra special. A fated and new starting point, both the end and the beginning all at once. Energy will manifest uniquely across the globe with the potential for transformation at its purest level.

The choice?

To embody enlightenment in applying the self genuinely to something that matches positive desired goals and ethics. Assess the influences in your existence and people you combine yourself with.


Be within endarkenment, through refusing to focus and the avoidance of truth which then manifests as unpredictable circumstances.

What does this mean?

Today is THE day to bring responsibility into your awareness. The 'R' word that can be life changing. With the chance to blend some stability into your experiences, achieve success through mastering something about yourself and bring discipline into an area of your physical life, we are face to face with the fact that everything is a choice, and it just so happens that today marks a big one.

Think of it as a test. Now, the type of test that presents itself will differ from person to person. Some of us will be prompted to nurture our physical body, others nudged towards karmically clearing finances, as well as those who will benefit from adapting their actions within relationships or even a modification in the career life.

How do we positively utilize this influence? By making some kind of quantum change.

Sit differently at your desk. Move your body. Start a savings jar. Cut out that $8 morning latte. Change one thing in your diet. Drink an extra glass of water. Gift yourself more rest and go to bed fifteen minutes earlier. Let go of a relationship that doesn't feel good. Put effort into a connection with someone that does. Dedicate thirty minutes of your time three times a week to developing an idea you have (yes...just thirty minutes).

Flipping the narrative of your life means replacing every outdated or defeatist thought and action with a positive new effort somewhere. Use your personal power to revise one seemingly small thing in an area of your life today and feel the amazing affects through how you then begin to experience emotion and reality. A better experience is available entirely based on choice, because nothing is static, change is constant and we are truly capable of controlling our own adjustments. Especially today. With the supporting energy, make one change in these 24 hours and feel the butterfly effect ripple through your entire world.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol


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